I’m a raider…I guess..

So last night, for the first time, I entered Ulduar as a member of a guild, on a full guild run. Fun was had by all. We downed about 6 bosses, 3 of them 1 shotted. 3 of us in the group had never been there. It was just great to be with people who are patient, explained the fights, and when we wiped, went..”Nice try..lets do this instead”. After downing the “Crazy Cat Lady” we called it and headed for Ony 10…sadly, it was fail, probably because it was late. I did end up with a chest piece, a ring and a healer trinket for my offset.

Tonight, we heading BACK in to down Hodir…can’t wait!


Another 80 in the books!

Last night, I leveled my first caster class to 80. Morzana the warlock dinged 80 after a long downtime on the server do to emergency maintenance. The awesome ppl in my guild took both myself and hubby along on some heroics, and we both picked up some gear upgrades! They are planning a Naxx run to this weekend for us…AWESOME.

As for playing a lock, I enjoy it. Its a huge change for me, but one that I have embraced. Now if I can just get my druid past the 20’s

OMG..I MUST have one…

So i was reading through my blogs today, and Aspect of the Hare alerted me to the new picture of the pug mini pet in the game…The pics can also be seen at MMO Champion

I own 5 pugs already…The real kind I mean..with full snorting and snuffling. I am OBSESSED with the pug breed..I always laughed when I heard the terms such as Bad PuG and Good Pug and the others.

So I am looking forward to earning this little pug in game…Thanks Blizzard for including my favorite dog breed in the game

So, I have been away from the blog for well over 6months…and a LOT has changed for me…I am gonna try and start blogging again, here is hoping I still have a few readers…So without further ado…my state of toons..

Server Undermine –

Daxan- My 80 pally, duel specced ret/holy. Joined a decent guild with some pretty cool ppl. Gotten into Naxx a few times, and currently working on the holidays as they come around.

Worrf – My 80 survival hunter, who is the first of all my toons to have EPIC FLIGHT!! I love it! Also working on holidays, and also doing the Argent Tourney

Morzana – My almost 78 warlock..My new favorite. Will probably become my main when she is 80.

Server Thrall:

Daxa- I decided a few months ago my alliance paladin needed a change of scenery. So she upped an moved to High population server Thrall. She is still alliance. She is 80 ret. She is still looking for a good guild

Well those are my main toons..I still have a lot of alts. I am also still without a job…Have been since feb. I live in central Fl, and the job market is horrid.

So thats about it…I hope to start blogging again more often

So last night, around 5pm, the 5 core members of my guild, yes I said 5, all gathered together for our  first ever run as a group. We decided to head into……


Yes, you read that right. While every other guild out there is in Ulduar and Naxx, our small group has made its  first official guild run of Kara. The group was myself, Daxan, playing healer, hubby was tank, and we had a 71 mage, 80 ret pally, and an 80 shadow priest.

We pretty much blew through everything. We struggled a little bit on the R&J fight, but we got through it much better then when we only had 3 people. This was the 2nd showing of R&J for us…lets hope next time we get something else.

The only bosses to give us issue were Illhoof, and Netherspite. Netherspite requires more than 5 ppl. So he will always be  skipped. Illhoof caused issue  because out shadow priest does not put out enough burst damage and we needed that to down the chains. We made it all the way to the Chess Event, which is TONS of fun BTW, before we called it a night. Our plan is to head back in tonight, and down Prince, and get the achievment.

All in all, it was great fun. The mage is a fresh 70, so he got a few gear upgrades, including a piece of his tier gear. This should make his leveling a bit easier. I managed to pick up the enchanting recipe from Shade as well. Everything else was De’d by myself and the other enchanter. Still hoping for the mount, but otherwise, its fun to get together as a group, and “see” content, even if that content is 10 levels below us.

Next on our “to do” list…Gruuls!

Ahhh, finally another holiday has made its way to Azeroth to break up the normalcy of the game. Noblegarden has gone live as of Sunday.

Noblegarden is the “Easter” like event that Blizzard has added to the game for the spring holiday. The event has also been re-vamped to include achievements

This is bringing out the darkside to MANY players. Instead of hunting for eggs, people can be seen sitting in one spot, waiting for the spawn. How is this fun? What makes it fun for me is they are so diligent in waiting for 1 spawn point, they are not seeing the ones that spawn behind them that I come in and grab.

Oh, and the egg basket…don’t use it myself. I see people dashing about and running right by eggs. More for me!

I lucked out and this morning, Daxan earned the title, the Noble! I got lucky in my eggs and got the dress, tux and robes within the first 50. I collected enough for the rabbit, then proceeded to eat my 125 for the achievement.

The best strategy I have come up with is 1) Try to be on at less populated times, like early morning. 2) Dont camp the spots. I found you get less when you do. 3)Look in odd places. I have seen them under carts, benches, in water troughs, and other odd places. 4) To get the Shake your Bunny-maker, head to Dalaran if you can. I lucked out and found a female dwarf who was sitting right near the bank, allowing everyone to “ear” her. She would then clear them off, and allow another to do it. Ask in trade if anyone has seen what you are looking for.

So now that I have my title, I am preparing for the start of Childrens week on the 1st of May.

Well friends…2 people cannot do Kara. At least not a heroics geared Ret pally and Prot warrior…We got decimated on the trash leading to Attunman.

So we will wait for guildmates to return from whatever hiatus they are on and try again.